Frequently Asked Questions

All our products are truly handmade with love in our small production area in Lekki, Lagos.  The Products are then hand packaged in our factory in Lagos by our team.

The majority of our ingredients are sustainably sourced from Ghana, Nigeria,Morocco and United States of America.

Our products naturally last about 2 years before their consistencies start to get weird. We recommend you using them within 11 months of opening though, because we do not use preservatives

Yes! Our products are natural, vegan and cruelty free.

You will find all the information you need to make a decision about the right products for your skin on here, However you could also book a consultation right here.

Every skin type is different, but majority of our customers have found success using our products.We know that you will have the same experience. We however make no guarantees, and apologize if you find no success with our products. Please note that we do not accept returns or issue refunds on products that did not work for you.

Every skin type is different, but most of our customers have seen results after about 3-5 weeks. so we believe that you will have the same worthwhile experience.

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